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[adult swim] Icon Contest

(icon the passion and win for it)

Adult Swim Icon Contest
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As of February 3, 2007, this icontest community is now CLOSED.

This is a community for the makers (and lovers) of icons based on the sundry series shown on the lovely thing known as [adult swim], the nighttime block for adults and nearly-adults on Cartoon Network. We accept both Action Block and Comedy Block icons (except for contests that specify specific series or characters.) This was originally created by kawaiimae (icon journal kawaii_no_icons), and is co-modded by tanie_05 (icon journal tanie_05_icons) and penster (icon journal duchess_icons). All questions and comments go to the mods please, but do try to be polite.

Themes will be presented weekly. Members will vote via signed in screen comments, and at the end of the voting, awards will be given for 1-3rd place as well as Special Category, assuming there are enough entrants.

The Special Categories: (adapted from bishounenawards)

Most Creative: The icon that shows the most originality from the others through its cropping, blending, captioning, or typography, etc.

Best Adaptation: The icon that represents the theme the best through both the chosen image and text.

Best Caption: The icon that has the best text content. This means the words' actual meaning matches the icon well. This can be well-chosen lyrics, a good phrase, or even a single, effective word. Don't confuse this with Best Typography!

Best Color: The icon that stands out from the rest color-wise. It has the most effective use of color, whether it's faded, vivid, monotone, or duotone, etc.

Best Typography: The icon with the best treatment of text regardless of text content. This applies to the physical appearance of the words on the icon and can include good use of dingbats. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography. Don't confuse this with Best Caption!

(mostly based off of fma_awards and _iconmadness, since they've got some good ideas)

1. Members must submit their icons by 11pm (eastern) on Friday Night. Voting will start then and conclude on Sunday Night at 11 PM.

2. Icons must be new! Please, no icons older than 7 days icons and they must be made specially for the theme. Do not post them anywhere before the contest is over! If you do, they will be disqualified.

3. The number of winners each week depends on the amount of submissions. When voting, please list your icons in the order of preference, as the votes are weighted- 5 pts for 1st, 3pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd. You may vote for your own icon, but only if you truly believe it's one of the best. Do not advertise your submission or get a group of friends to vote for you- let's be fair here. Also, PLEASE don't vote for an icon merely because it's from your favorite fandom. Likewise, don't not vote for an icon merely because it's from a series you hate.

4. Icons must be made from official art. Whether it's screencaps, official images, manga images [for Action Block anime that also have manga], etc. Icons made from fanart, doujinshi, or cosplay photos are not allowed.

5. No character bashing or potshots at any character/pairing, even if you're doing it in humor. If you're unsure of something, run it by us first.

6. Proper credit must be given in the keywords if you wish to take one of the icons submitted here for personal use. Also, make sure you ask the icon maker directly for permission.

7. Icons, unless otherwise noted, can have the word or a derivitive of the word used as a theme. It may also be textless and 'evoke' that theme. For example: if the theme is "Dark", the icon can have the word "dark," "darkness," "darker," etc; or it can merely evoke dark themes using dark colors/ideas. For lyrical themes, use at least 3 consecutive words from the lyrics, or the title. These specific rules will be explained in every submission post.

8. Icons must fit livejournal criteria- 100x100 pixels, acceptable graphic extensions [PNG, GIF, or JPG], and no more than 40 kb.

9. You may submit two icons per member per week, as long as they are from different fandoms [so one ATHF icon and one Futurama icon, for a theme such as 'Comedy Block']. If the week's theme is series-specific, you may only submit one.

10. Anyone who starts or participates in a flame war (as judged by the mods) will be banned. No warning, no nothing - so for the sake of your own participation, don't get involved in such craziness.

11. NO using your Livejournal icon spaces as hosting - it reveals who made the icon and that's BAD. If you have a paid account, use Livejournal's Scrapbook. If you don't, use Photobucket, ImageShack, or another free service that allows hotlinking.

12. DON'T take the icons before we announce who made them in the winner's post - that's BAD. They're not the community's icons, they're the maker's icons. Each week, when we announce the winners, we'll announce who made the icons too - so just be patient! And be sure to get the iconmaker's permission before using it.

13. Have fun!

Firstly, upload your finished icon(s) to your service, whether it's LJ's image [NOT ICON] hosting, Photobucket, ImageShack, or whatever.
Then, in a comment to the screened 'Submissions' post for that week, put the following (replacing the brackets with the greater than/less than signs used for HTML):

Submission: [img src="URL of image"]
URL: URL of image
series: series name
anything else the mods need to know: (for example, if you want to be credited by your iconjournal and not the journal you're posting in, or something...)

So for example:
URL: http://pics.livejournal.com/circe67/pic/0030st22
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Anything Else: credit to another_icon_lj

fandoms and resources
(as taken off the lists on the Adult Swim forum headers and Wikipedia's entry on [adult swim] - if something's missing, let us know! All known image galleries have been linked for your convenience. If you know of any other galleries worth linking, comment on any post!)

Comedy Block: 12 oz. Mouse, American Dad, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Baby Blues, The Bob Clampett Show, The Boondocks, The Brak Show, Cartoon Planet, Family Guy, Futurama, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Home Movies, Mission Hill, Minoriteam, Moral Orel, The Oblongs, Perfect Hair Forever, The Popeye Show, Robot Chicken, The Ripping Friends, Sealab 2021, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Squidbillies, The Super Milk-Chan Show, Stroker and Hoop, Tom Goes to the Mayor, and The Venture Bros.

Action Block: Big O, Blue Gender, Case Closed, Cowboy Bebop, Eureka Seven, FLCL, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, InuYasha, Kikaider, Lupin the 3rd, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam 0080, Gundam 0083, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pilot Candidate, Reign: The Conqeror, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star, Paranoia Agent, s-CRY-ed, Samurai Champloo, Trigun, Witch Hunter Robin and Wolf's Rain.

Movies: The Animatrix, Escaflowne: The Movie, Metropolis, Read or Die [OVA]

Banner makers! we currently have three, but are always looking for more! If you want to become a banner maker, just comment on any post with a sample banner. Use the icon shown in the 'how to submit' section, and the following false information:

Winner: Mod's Choice, Week 0
Theme: "Book Quotations"

Current Banner Maker Rotation: penster, tanie_05, conspiratorsb, amoonlight (on hiatus)

Affiliates! If you're a mod of a community and would like to affiliate with aswimcontest, comment on any post.

Layout Designer! Someone please make a layout for this comm! It's a free account, currently using S1 (though we can switch to S2, if you prefer.) Please comment on any post if you would like to do this. Any layout made will, however, have to be applicable to ALL of the Adult Swim shows (no favoring Comedy or Action block), so be cautious. ^^;; We'll give you temporary mod status to put it up if we approve of your idea. [COMPLETED! Thanks mizugazipan for making the new layout!]

Congrats to swivelchair for winning aswimcontest's week 50 celebration!

Week 1: Devotion [banner maker summerdandelion]
Week 2: Humor [banner maker mizugazipan]
Week 3: "Summer Breeze" Lyrics [banner maker kawaiimae]
Week 4: Bitch, Please [banner maker skydark]
Week 5: Love [banner maker timeturner]
Week 6: Evil [banner maker circe67]
Week 7: Crossover [banner maker mizugazipan]
Week 8: Wtf?! [banner maker fullmetalkatu]
Week 9: Innocent [banner maker sky_dark]
Week 10: Color [banner maker circe67]
Week 11: Out of the Box [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 12: Women [banner maker circe67]
Week 13: "Train in Vain" Lyrics [banner maker sky_dark]
Week 14: Sex [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 15: Noise [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 16: Inanimate Object [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 17: Provided Pictures [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 18: Blinded [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 19: Anger [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 20: Copy/Paste [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 21: Arithmetic [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 22: The Blues [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 23: Vacation [banner maker penster
Week 24: Hair [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 25: Past/Present [banner maker penster
Week 26: Men [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 27: Song Titles [banner maker penster]
Week 28: Hush [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 29: Anti/Love [banner maker penster]
Week 30: Provided Textures [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 31: The Venture Brothers [banner maker penster]
Week 32: Turn Away [banner maker custom_banners]
Week 33: Text [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 34: Inhuman [banner maker amoonlight]
Week 35: "Friend of Mine" [banner maker penster]
Week 36: Crack [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 37: Seeing Red [banner maker amoonlight]
Week 38: Fight [banner maker penster]
Week 39: Vivid [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 40: o rly? [banner maker amoonlight]
Week 41: Tiny Text [banner maker penster]
Week 42: Family [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 43: One Word [banner maker amoonlight]
Week 44: La Vie Bohème [banner maker penster]
Week 45: Brunettes Have More Fun [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 46: Ebony & Ivory [banner maker conspiratorsb]
Week 47: Stressed Out [banner maker penster]
Week 48: Comment? [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 49: Saturday Lineup [banner maker conspiratorsb]
Week 50: LIMS [banner maker circe67]
Week 51: Limited Color [banner maker penster]
Week 52: The Window to the Soul [banner maker tanie_05]
Week 53: The Rule of Threes [banner maker conspiratorsb]
Week 54: Body [banner maker penster]
Week 55: All About Stewie [banner maker tanie_05] ***
Week 56: Mugen [banner maker conspiratorsb] ***
Week 57: Emotion [banner maker penster]
Week 58: Robot Chicken [no winner]
Week 59: Freestyle [banner maker tanie_05] ***
Week 60: Action Block [banner maker penster]
Week 61: Provided Textures II [banner maker cb_overflow]
Week 62: Mmmm! [no winner]
Week 63: Heroes and Heroines [banner maker tanie_05] ***
Week 64: Seeing Green [no winner]

(weeks marked with *** are waiting for their banners)


We are always looking for new affiliates! Please comment on any post in order to affiliate with us!